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Noir Fusion

Noir Fusion High Frequency Beauty Device

Noir Fusion High Frequency Beauty Device

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Whether your goal is to clear an acne break-out, reduce the marks of aging and scars, improve hair volume or simply nourish and care for your skin to achieve a healthy glow, the high frequency beauty device is all the treatment you need. The device contains 4 glass elctrode applicators filled with neon gas which are inserted into the insulated handle and applied to the skin. High frequency treatments are proven to be safe and beneficial for energizing and oxygenating the skin helping you achieve results fast. With regular use, 3-4 times a week for up to 5 min, you'll notice the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduced inflammation and acne break outs, and improved overall health of your skin and scalp.

High frequency treatments – How it works

The Noir Fusion high frequency beauty device produces 50-60Hz waves which are proven to be harmless for the human body. The treatments are pain-free but may cause a warm tingling/zapping sensation. The intensity of the out-put current can be controlled by turning the knob to suit individual requirements. Always start the treatment with a lower setting and increase frequency according to your personal preference. In this respect each person must be guided by their own sensitivity, and it must not be assumed that the stronger the current, the better the results. This is not so. It should only be used at the strength that can be comfortably borne, and good results will soon follow. If the intention is to apply a particularly weak current, especially in treating the eyes, ears and nose, one or more fingers can be placed on the neck of the electrode to serve as a conductor, so that the current may be reduced through contact with the fingers.

Direct treatment – the most frequently applied treatment is by placing the electrode firmly upon the skin and making slow stroking movements. The electrode should be kept in gentle contact with the skin as much as possible the whole time of the treatment using only light pressure. Place the electrode in contact with the skin before turning it on, and switch off before removing the electrode. Do not remain in one spot for longer than 10 seconds – move the electrode in circular motion on the treatment area. We recommend treatments 3-4 times a week lasting 3-5 minutes. Always hold the handle near the bottom end to avoid creating sparks by contact which are not harmful but may take away some of the power of the current.

Indirect treatment -The sparks which are thrown off when the electrodes are held at a distance from the surface of the skin, can be used for the more targeted treatment of spots, scars, discolorations and other changes. Both methods of applying high frequency currents produce ozone, which has antibacterial properties and other beneficial effects on the skin. Most will be able to smell ozone when using the electrode on the face.


The electrodes are differently shaped glass tubes, designed to correspond with the particular purpose of application. The passage of the electric current through the gas (neon) inside the tube is indicated by a strong show of light and the rays thus produced have no harmful effect whatsoever, either to the skin or to the human body.

Electrodes should be cleaned after every use by washing with water and soap and drying thoroughly. Every care should be taken to ensure that the electrodes are not dropped or accidentally damaged as a crack in the glass portion will quickly destroy the vacuum inside and render the electrode inoperable.

There are four basic electrodes:

The mushroom electrode - used to treat areas such as neck, cheeks, forehead and jawline.

The tongue electrode - used to treat more sensitive skin such as around the eyes.

The curved electrode - used to target spots, acne, and other small imperfections.

The comb electrode - used on dry hair to revitalize the scalp and hair follicles, and reduce dandruff. 

It is a good idea to cleanse and dry your face before treatment. If treating the scalp make sure the hair is dry and free of any products containing alcohol. Insert the chosen electrode, into the handle, plug it in, apply to the skin with gentle pressure and switch on. Move the electrode in a circular motion for about 3 to 5 minutes, adjusting the strength of frequency. When you are finished turn the power knob off, remove the electrode and clean it before storing.

Safety measures

DO NOT use if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker. DO NOT use while in the bath or shower and avoid using in humid bathrooms. Choose a dry, clean space and avoid sitting on metal. Place a wooden or plastic chair onto an electrically non-conductive surface, i.e. a wooden floor. If one is not sure if the surface is non-conductive, place a rubber or plastic mat under your chair. For extra safety, one can wear shoes with rubber soles while operating the device. Keep the device away from children at all times!

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