What is high frequency skin treatment?

High frequency skin treatment is a safe and painless method which applies an electric current at low amperage and high frequency (oscillations) to the surface of the skin penetrating and regenerating skin tissue. Skin problems are usually the result of poor blood circulation causing a local congestion in the tissues. Through the glass vacuum applicator, light, heat, electrical energy and ozone are created, stimulating and strengthening the skin cells by providing more oxygen and nutrition and eliminating infection. Regular use will ensure:

  • increased elimination of waste
  • better supply of oxygen
  • elimination of harmful bacteria
  • removal of dead tissue and adhesions
  • improved hair growth

It is very effective in rejuvenating the skin, giving it a youthful glow, and highly successful at treating typical skin problems such as acne, dark circles, spots, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and other skin imperfections. It has an overall nourishing effect on the skin with visible results after just a few treatments.

Professional high frequency treatments can be costly, but with the Noir Fusion High Frequency Beauty device you can now treat your skin to the best possible care in the comfort of your own home and save $$$ on beauty care and products.